Sunday, July 20, 2014

Three things:

1) Have long, scraggly beards become in? Bob googled and discovered that "Duck Dynasty" made beards popular again. That can't be it, can it? These men I'm seeing seem to be copying Amish beards..
2) The Troy Record had a photo essay about the Price Chopper grand opening -- where St. Patrick's church in Watervliet was torn down. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do I have to boycott the Record too? (PC is already dead to me.)
3) It's that time of year again, Saratoga racing season. When people act as if cruelty is cool and gambling is high class. Spare me.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Recently I did something I vowed never to do again. I purchased a print book! I was reading Lost Towns of the Hudson Valley and one chapter is about Roseton, where several large brick manufacturers were located.

We've been putting up a new Beagle- and critter-proof fence in Castleton, and our hard is pure Hudson River clay, perfect for brick-making. I've been working in the garden, and I have a bunch of bricks holding down the bottom of the deer fence. Some of the bricks were toted all the way from Brewster when we moved to the Capital District in 1985, and others were here, undoubtedly made at the long-defunct Brickyard.

The chapter piqued my interest, and I examined some of my bricks more closely. One has "JMC" on it. From the lost towns book, I figured that meant Jova Manufacturing Company, and I was able to confirm that at this website. I wanted to know ,ore about the Brickyard in Castleton and the brick industry in general, and discovered this book is one of the best sources.

It is out-of-print so an ebook is not an option.So I bought a copy on amazon from a seller offering used copies. Many were the same price, so I chose the most highly-rated vendor with the best condition copy. I paid no attention otherwise. Shortly afterwards, I received an email from this local bookstore.

Turns out they were the seller! The owner dropped the book off at my house and gave me a gift certificate for the shipping.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Some of this story is confusing and contradictory. She bought a dog from a breeder, but color was not desirable so it can't be a show dog? How does that differ from the reason some dogs wind up in shelters? She's obsessive about lineage, but this dog has an undesirable trait (so I assume wouldn't be bred)? She adopted Mookie from a shelter, had him for more than a decade -- a good, long time -- when he developed health issues. Somehow that reflects negatively on the temperament and health status of shelter dogs? Yes, she had two dogs who became ill and died too young (although I would be kissing the ground and singing praise if I was given the gift of three more years with my dog who had cancer). But how is any of this a reason to avoid shelter pets? She seems to need to blame someone for her pets' illnesses and deaths, does not seem able to accept that there are painful times in life. There is no guarantee that her re-homed dog will stay issue-free until age 15 and then will slowly decline in an easy to manage, vet-trip free old age. Maybe she should re-evaluate whether she can commit to having a dog. I have adopted several dogs from shelters over the years and all have been wonderful. I currently have two former shelter dogs, both Beagles. I adopted one as a senior. This woman's problem is one of perspective. She's very negative.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We watched the movie "Snowpiercer" last night. It wasn't my kind of movie, and I probably would not have wanted to see it, except that a friend recommended it, saying she isn't a fan of post-apocalyptic stories, but thought it was excellent. The notable thing about it was that it was released as VOD at the same time as it is in theatres. I am happy not to have wasted the time at a theatre. It was too loud even for home viewing, and it was way too violent for my liking. It did hold my attention (mostly) but the story was too much a rip-off of other, better movies. Even Bob was not impressed, and post-apocalyptic is one of his favorite genres.

Monday, July 14, 2014

I don't believe my vegetables are growing as well as I'd like. They are growing, and setting fruit, but seem too spindly and yellow. A problem I can't do anything about is that it's too shady for most veggies, but I can certainly change the soil nitrogen level and acidity. Stay tuned!

We saw 42nd Street at the Mac-Haydn Theatre on Thursday. It was great!

Monday, July 07, 2014

 Picked the first tomatoes yesterday! "Only" cherries, but still.
How we spent Independence Day weekend 2014. Beagle and critter proof fence 1/3 done.